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Spill containment pallets and workfloors are bunded trays that come in various sizes to control the leakage of drums or any other fluid container. When containers are filled with flammable liquids or chemicals you need to protect your workplace from leakage or spill. The containment pallets are made of high density polyethylene or polyproylene and most have removable grates for easy cleaning and removal of spilt fluids. Rain covers are available allowing secure outdoor storage of hazardous materials and wastes. All units offer excellent chemical resistance and will not rust or corrode.

Spill containment pallets come in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 drum versions according to your requirements. Not only does a strong, low-profile spill pallet help you comply with containment regulations, it is also a safe and effective way to store steel and poly drums and keep excess leaks or spills off the ground. Low profile workfloors with ramps makes loading and unloading drums easy. When it comes to maintaining a hazard free business, one must always go for pallets. They make your work organized and efficient. They are designed to handle large and small spills quickly and without difficulty.

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