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Generator Trays and Spill Kits

A range of trays and kits that can be used with small generators on  building sites, construction areas and field use. Whether small and  portable or large and static,  generators use fuel such as petrol or diesel to produce electricity.  The Health and Safety Executive provides information on electricity and  the safe use and handling of flammable substances such as petrol.

Whilst  there is an emphasis on generators using drip trays, we feel the same  rules would probably apply to any petrol, or diesel, driven machine such  as water pumps, hand held tools and cement mixers.
Just because these items might not be mentioned specifically it is  highly likely they would be enforced if you were to have a spill whilst  using, or storing, them.

The NETREGS.GOV site provides more information but essentially:
Where possible, set up your generator on an impermeable surface such as hard standing or a drip tray, well away from any drains or watercourses.
Always keep a spill kit available and use a bunded bowser for refuelling.
Always place a drip tray beneath hoses or couplings.
We carry a huge range of trays that will fit most generators,  pumps,mixers and tools. If it is not liseted here just give us a call  and we will find a drip tray to suit your needs.

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